About Me

Welcome to my blog! :)

This is a space that I've created for myself to serve as a financial journey diary.
I will touch mainly on investing and personal finance as much as I chanced upon.

I'm a kid born in 1998. At this moment of writing this, I'm age 19 20 and currently a 3rd year student in a local polytechnic awaiting for conscription. I will be working towards the goal of achieving financial freedom and escaping the rat race.

I've embarked on the financial journey in 2017 with money I've earned from my part time jobs and savings that I'm able to amassed from occasions such as the Chinese New Year.

The amount you see in my portfolio page started from zero in the beginning of 2017 when I embark onto this journey and my investment approach is to hold onto them for as long as possible and when opportunities arises for me, I will add onto my holdings accordingly.

I'm investing in for both growth and income. Compounding effect will be fully made used when dividends are received. 

"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it... He who doesn't, pays it."
Albert Einstein 

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