Thursday 5 August 2021

1H2021 In 10 Mins

If one were to wonder, it has slowly becomes a thing in my recent writing style that I’m disclosing lesser details compared to what I would have done in the past. Probably, as I become a more seclusive person and will not go into too much details as I used to be. 

It has also become a thing, that I’m moving away from just sharing my data but my thoughts, while trying to be a little bit more philosophical. 

Well, I’d still be doing some analysis and sharing so long an opportunity comes with uncluttered thoughts filling up my mind. 

It has also a frightening experience when I come to learn that a sharing that is shared a little too much, would have caused certain bias-ness or decision flaw to one when making an impactful financial decision.

It has also come to a point that “clickbaity title” is no longer appealing to me as I’m not that concerned about “Ads revenue” should there be today and would rather this space be a little more for personal sharing and lessons learnt. 

2021 is the year where I turn 23 years younger. Also a year that I’ve conquered another milestone in life.

This is also a year that many crypto millionaires were “born” or “destroyed”. Whichever way, one were to perceive it. But unfortunately, I’m not the one. As oppose to what many would have thought, I belong to the camp where everything happened before I’m aware of. Haha. 

Being one that has explored the crypto space in 2017, it would be something that is very refreshing to me today, but I stand at a point that I’m neutral towards the arena. It’s good to note that, there is more and more people we can see around owning some form of digital assets in the form of digital value storing currency!

If I were to make a statement, I’d probably feel that there is still more room for things to fall in place before we see any realistic outcome yet. 

In the year of 2021, it has also been a thing, where trading platforms become a heavyweight champion in the securities trading industry, funded by giant houses with enormous amounts of marketing and promotional fees to spare. A simple gain one were to get, would easily come in 3 digits, just by signing up :)

I must also comment that referral marketing has worked extremely well, in the houses favour, as more and more unaware folks are getting on board to become a partial owner of companies that they probably wouldn’t know it existed. I’m sorry if this statement makes you feel uneasy or makes you nod silently behind the screen. That wasn’t the main intention for it. 

The flavours behind arbitraging around the coupons issued with speculative flavour does not mix well together, unfortunately. Maybe for me, or probably he/she understands something that I don’t, unfortunately. 

Undeniably, as a user. I'd say these are relatively good platforms to use with cheap brokerage platform fees! 

In a summary:

  1. In the local SGX market, I've accumulated more shares from ComfortDelGro & AIMS APAC REIT
  2. Accumulated more shares of Apple at around USD 118 in March.
  3. After several rounds of nibbling, the position in Alibaba turned out to be a gobble size in my portfolio, pushing Mr BABA to the greatest position as of 30 June 2021.
With this, I close 1H2020 with only 9 positions namely; 
  • OCBC Bank
  • DBS Bank
  • UOB Bank
  • ComfortDelGro
  • Suntec REIT
  • IREIT Global 
  • Apple Inc
  • Alibaba
On the investment front:
  • Collected a dividend of SGD 1,112.17 which translates to roughly SGD 185.36 monthly
  • Realised P/L of SGD 2,496.14 this far.
  • Portfolio at this juncture (1H2021) closed with a value slightly above SGD 80,000 with around SGD 20,000 in war-chest. This brings the overall portfolio value to cross SGD 100,000 barely.
Notice that the dividend at this point, is relatively pathetic. This is because roughly 20% of the monies are idling in the war-chest waiting for opportunity, with roughly another 20% that is vested in counters that does not pays a dividend. 

With this, I also put a conclusion towards the hiatus status.