Monday, 16 July 2018

Account Size Does Matters.. Even In Punting!

At this very moment of typing this... The quadrennial event had finally ended with France taking home the World Cup and the team of France to take home $38 million in prize money.

Congratulations once again to the France and supporters of France.

The World Cup of 2018 had been a really interesting one this far and had kept me relatively occupied for a couple of weeks, despite my busy schedules. And yes, you're right. I did make a small punt this time round.

Earlier today, I made a visit to one of the Singapore Pools branches to get a ticket for France to be crowned the cup holder, with an odds of 1.4.

I'm never a fan of gambling and do not participate in such games even during joyous occasions like Chinese New Year where the majority does. However, for once today, I did something that I probably did not expect . Not to shy away from the nature of gambling, I do admit that this is not a good habit to follow. and is unlikely to continue any further with Singapore Pools. On a side note, I'm pretty surprised to see the long queue of punters in for different businesses.

How good would it be if Singapore Pools is a publicly listed company?

I've been pretty supportive of France for this year's world cup and to my pleasant surprise... The team had been making it's way north to holding the cup today.

I've been reading a little up about the games and statistics of the match and decided to hype up tonight's match a little by entering a small position with France. The position I've entered is a very risky 'investment' that puts you into a binary option, whereby it is simply based on a "Yes" or "No" proposition.

Having that said, I've written off the capital placed into this position and view this as an entertainment expenses for the night.

It is very important to know and understand yourself as this will allow you to know clearly what you are doing. 

With that in mind and some risk management in play, I decided to enter a small betting position with France taking home the World Cup today.

I've been pretty lucky tonight and this allows me to have an extra $20 in my pocket tomorrow.. LOL

This will translates to a 40% realized gain for the event that happened 2 hours ago. But taking the risk into consideration, I'm risking $50 capital for $20 gain.

Well. I guess my luck had been working well tonight and this speculative position today has paid off. Taking a sweet look back... If the bet amount is changed to $50,000. How will it looks like..?

Just a minute.

I vividly remember one golden statement from Uncle CW.

It will similarly translate to a 40% gain. But this time round, with $20,000 as profit in your pocket!!

Yes, the risk of losing $50,000 is equal to the risk of losing $50. But what does it tells?

Account Size Really Matters! Even when it comes to punting! 

Meanwhile, I guess this will mean I have 4 more Fillet-O-Fish meal and it's probably time for me to get one! :)