Tuesday 8 August 2017

My First Post

This blog serves as a personal finance diary for me. 

At this point of writing, I'm 19. Studying in a local polytechnic as a 3rd year student.

I've recently embarked on my journey towards financial freedom.

Started out investing in the stock market about a year ago, however, I wasn't disciplined enough and did not know anything much. Made some money, however over confidence teaches me a lesson. Nonetheless, after the painful lesson, I've adopted a different approach towards investing. 

After which in 2017, I stood up from my fall and continued on my financial journey.
I'm still learning as much as I'm able to and hopefully with this blog, I will be able to jot down my journey towards financial freedom. 

As a plan, I will try to keep a war-chest ready and makes it a point for to allocate about $15 a day into the war chest through part-time jobs and savings. When an opportunity arises, the war-chest will then be deployed into purchasing a counter after due-diligence is done on my part. The war-chest will not be money that I will be using or needing in any coming future.

As such, having that said, my plans for 2017 is as such:
Portfolio + Warchest = $15 x 365 = $5,475

I understand that this is a very small amount, but I believe with perseverance and determination, I will be able to achieve my financial freedom.I sincerely hope that this will be a fruitful and exciting journey for me.


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    1. Thanks for dropping by!! I still have many things to learn and pick up along the journey!!