Friday, 13 April 2018

Fake News: sleepydevil's CDP Statement

To begin with, I'm not someone that has a good command of English.

Through this journey of using blogger as a platform to jot down my thoughts, I'm really thankful and fortunate to learn from many wise seniors along the way. While I do not consider myself as a blogger or writer, I'm heartened that some readers enjoy my post.

It's really encouraging to receive emails from readers as well as comments from various seniors around that educate me through their series of informative articles and comment.

Recently, I've chanced upon a pretty significant amount of 'fake news' lurking around the various social media platforms to social influencer and even to bloggers.

This reminds of a post by STE earlier in February this year about fake news.

Here's a snapshot of STE's blog: 

Source: STE's Stock Investing Journey

Indeed. I thought to myself.

While I do not know the real idea behind some blogger's mentality towards blogging. Mine is simple and I've stated it in my very first post - to jot down on my journey towards financial freedom and to learn.

Perhaps like what STE wrote up there, to gain revenues in whatever form, be it advertising or promoting his/her own courses.

Some might be even here to 'boast' about what they 'have'.
There are indeed many ways to beautify things!

Inflating your account by various means? Playing around with mathematical equations?

I'm sorry but please don't hit me!

The generation today has evolved to one that uses social platform to 'brag' isn't it?
Or maybe for some to achieve self-satisfaction!?

I don't know. Beats me. I'm a simple guy and I really don't know that much.

Maybe if I ever find my second half and get married with kids, this blog is going to be a gift from Daddy to share on his journey. It might look good, it might look terrible. I have no idea. But I hope that if ever this happens, this will be a good 'Daddy's history book' for my kiddo.

Will my kid be surprised or doubt Daddy's actual financial situation when he is 19?
Are you sure this crazy 19 year old fella really has that money?

To my kid: Here's Daddy's CDP Account Statement
sleepydevil's CDP statement (end 31/03/18)
For some obvious reasons, I've removed my particulars in the statement above.

Daddy didn't lie, right?
Remember that being transparent and honest is an important virtue!

Once again, Daddy has been lucky this far as an 'investor'.
At this point of writing, he has yet to see any Nobita's attack on our local equities market. Perhaps, that's when he will chop his fingers!

To acknowledge this, I do not feel that I'm a good investor, writer or even a 19-year old peer. I've still many many things to learn about. I am really not.

I should only say that I'm lucky that my self-actualization comes early.
I'm glad if ever, this CDP statement above comes in useful for any millenial to motivate them into personal finance.

Once again, I do not advocate buying/selling anything nor investment.

But what the big deal with this?
Showing off his 19-year-old CDP/CPF account statement?
That's not the case Ah Boy or Girl.. Remember to work hard and save diligently. Else, there wouldn't even be a chance for you to beautify your accounts! Papa won't beautify your account for no reasons!!

Larger number and bigger account size are really nice and there will be many changing factor with that. But one must remember:

It's never on how successful you are by using leverage nor how lucky you are, although luck plays a fair share.

It's neither how successful you are by getting a big lump sum by your parents.

If you wonder how, please take a look at the few posts below to get a better idea.
Or maybe.. I'm not that simple and I like to complicate things..
Oh god...

Remember.. Don't hit me!

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Fade. It will, soon. On a side note, I enjoy food that has value rather than food that cost a big bomb :)

      But sometimes, they come with queue!! Must choose good timing!!

  2. Fake or fade,, no time reading financial news nowadays , more fun and excitement reading all sort of " fake news " on Malaysia's upcoming election..get your "popcorn" ready and time ... :P
    Cheers !! btw, thanks for mentioning and happy investing / building up your portfolio , slowly & steady ...collecting more :Dividend in next quarter !!

    1. Hi STE,

      It seems like recently many are concern about other things happening around. So happenly days ago, I was browsing through and happily watching the video of Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg’s defend in US congress. He seemed to be grilled pretty badly by the hard congressman/women.

      World cup also coming soon!!

      So many happening things around. Where got time for financial news!! Hahaha.

      Time to relax and collect some dividends :)

  3. Hi Sleepydevil

    Your son will be proud of you as a test of statement when you show him this 10 years from now :)

    1. Hi B,

      I doubt so.. there’s many others hidden dragon all around who might be thinking that this nutcase is showing off his little wealth!! Haha.

      10 years later.. I don’t dare to imagine that I’ll have a son!! If I happen to have one.. likely he will be learning how to crawl!??

      Well. The future is pretty unpredictable on this side!! Hehe