Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The 19 year old investor - Part 1

Hmmm.. exactly. What is this 19 year old fella doing here?

As much as people would be wondering.. why am I here?
Why is this 19 year old guy doing this? Why do he needs to be in this situation, living in a 19 year old body while having a 30 year old mentality? Shouldn't this fella be enjoying himself?

Is age really just a number? So many questions on the list though.

Many times, I've wondered myself too. Why is there a need for me to start my financial journey at this age. Why do I need to start this young when everyone is enjoying themselves. Argh.. too much noises.

I guess I'm 4th in the picture!

I believe this is up to one's self to define what enjoyment truly is. Some people love to be indulging in LV bags, AP watches, condominium, an Aston Martin and probably a first class air-tickets to Las Vegas.

So what is enjoyment to me?
Enjoyment to me is simple - I'd love to know that I'm doing something, that in a long run it would be productive for myself, for my future, for my kids, for my mother, for my family and for my partner. I would love to spend more time with them in the future, rather than having to work my heads off and rarely get to see them. I'd love to learn new things and I'd love that what I learn will be placed into a good use. I will also not forget to have a fair balance in having some fun as a youngster too when I'm still young!!

So why did I started this young?
I constantly reminds myself of this - the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 
Instead of contemplating, why not do something? So what about the criticism I've received, so what about the people who are thinking that you're acting like an adult? I'm taking my first step.

Why did I blog?
As much as people around me are wondering, people who may chance upon this may wonder too.. What is this guy doing? Quite honestly, I did not manage to find anyone whom I may be able to talk about this to. About their future. Why? We're just too young. Hence, I've decided that, this platform will serve as a personal diary for me to write down what I've learn, what I've chanced upon, and perhaps the day I becomes a millionaire, I would be able to allow my kids to know what their father has been doing since he was a teenager, and hopefully, it will be something that is meaningful enough for them to learn something from. Also, being exposed to the financial blogging community, it will also allows me to learn from wise seniors along the way. Like what I've just said, I enjoy learning.

Why not save first, and invest later when you've got more capital? 
Oh well. That's simple. I feel that experience is just something that money will never be able to quantify. I believe that with perseverance, I will be able to scale the inverse pyramid. Nothing is impossible. As I'm still very young, time is with me. This will also means that I'll have more time in the market. This will plays a very big part in compounding my gains for the next few decades. I will also progressively building my portfolio to a much much bigger one that is capable of generating me meaningful returns in the future.

So what goals does a 19 year old investor have? This must be interesting.. I shall leave it to part 2.

A very big thank you to all the wise seniors for the kind advises as well as motivation given to me.


  1. Not much further down the road to our grave (morbid but factually true), but with a generous dose of hindsight, i would also wish to have started when i was 19. I would then have went through GFC, bruised but knowing what is a full-on bear. At 19, i would also have just enough from part-time work to lose all my capital and still be recoverable within 3 months of work (size matters, and yes, small capital is easy to recover through injections).

    While i don't know how you are spending your social life, i do agree that you should not compromise on that aspect too much. After all, you're not at the peak of your income level yet and wealth building will become more efficient next time.

    Regardless, you are wise to start now which will definitely bring you further, and possibly beyond most of your peers.

    Keep learning.

    1. Hi Leopard,

      Thanks for the words of motivation as well as the hindsight! Unknowingly, though I'm 19. I'm 4th in the picture.. out of 8 of those. You can call it half way there.. or half way through.

      This is also why I'd love blogging. I will not be able to receive such lessons, if I'm not here. With fingers crossed, I sincerely hope that the lessons I've learnt along the way will be placed into a good use and handwork will pays me off in the future :)

  2. When you start working; your bosses or your competitive peers will somehow know how you are spending your office hours hor! You think you can hide; but you can't. Eyes are watching you. :-)

    1. Hi Uncle,

      dangerous dangerous.. like the chinese saying..
      要做就不要怕,要怕就不要做. If you're scared, don't do. If you wanna do, don't be scared.

  3. Hi Sleepydevil

    At 19, you "should be" clubbing, partying, traveling and having all the fun in the world. Why are you so "old" in your mentality?

    Haha, just kidding of course. The benefits will be in the delayed gratifixation.

    1. Hi B,

      It will depends on how one person determine it's joy or fun - clubbing? Partying? I can't help to agree more on the part about travelling!! It's fun to explore the different places around the world. As much as we are concerned about our goals, it's equally important for us to remember that a fair balance of work and fun must be achieved :)

      I'll be looking to some form of fun that's coming at the end of this year!! :)