Thursday, 7 September 2017

The 19 year old investor - Part 2

As mentioned earlier, this part will be about identifying my goals as a 19 year old investor.
So what goals do I have in mind? What do I plan for? What do I want to be in my future?

23 years later: 42 year old (year 2040) - $1,000,000
15 years later: 35 year old (year 2033) - $500,000
12 years later: 31 year old (year 2029) - $250,000
7 years later: 26 years old (year 2024) - $100,000
5 years later: 24 year old (year 2022) - $50,000
1 year later: 20 year old (year 2018) - $10,000

Assuming a conservative returns of 5% per year, excluding capital gains. From playing around with excel functions, this is what I have in mind:

Wow.. now it seems a little bit tough here.
I've also increased my targets for this year slightly to $7,000 as well as setting another goal to achieve $10,000 before my 20th birthday (by 1H2018). As a male in Singapore, I'll be conscripted to the National Service next year. This will definitely be something memorable. Keeping that in mind, with the allowances, it will restrict me slightly for my injection in 2019 and 2020 when I'm serving the army.

I understand that this goals are pretty far stretched and looks very unrealistic. However, I'm still giving it a go, and work towards my targets. Should the investment turns other way, it will also means that I will need a longer time frame to achieve my goals. Understand with the inflation, it will possibly mean that the $1,000,000 may not mean the same as the $1,000,000 today.

Fingers crossed....


  1. Hello sleepydevil,

    It is a commendable effort to have a goal and to pursue it. To be honest, your goal(post) will shift as priorities change and obstacles appear later in life (speaking from my own experience here).

    Nonetheless, as long as you stay committed to building up your investment capital over time - no matter how small the increment may be, you will eventually get to the destination.

    Best of luck!

    1. Hi Eleutherian Odyssey,

      Thank you for dropping by and appreciate the kind words of motivation!! Hope everything is fine on your side :)

      Yes!! I agree. I believe as I grow older, there will be many obstacles that are awaiting me. However, in every obstacles, there will be a wonderful lesson that can be learnt. Currently, I'm still too young still to determine anything.

      This "goal projection" will serves as a guide for me along the way and hopefully in the later part of my life, I'll be able to come back here, and read about my stories and tell myself ... "I've done it!"

  2. Awesome! Congratulations on starting out on your journey! I started when I was 18 with about the same starting point as you, and the market rewards in ways we cannot imagine! All the best!

    1. Hi Aloysius,

      Thank you for dropping by!! :) It's defineitly good to see you around.

      There's still many things that I've yet to learn. Nice to know someone that started this young too!! Hope that I'm not obsoleted now...

  3. Add annual inflationary rate to your goals and see how are the numbers look like?

    1. Hi UncleCW,

      Do let me read a little bit more and I shall write about it. I should be prepared for the frightening numbers...

    2. Account size really does matters.

  4. hi
    i leave the analysis to the experts who are good with numbers here but I can share a thing or two about goal setting since that is what i teach/coach people in. You see, we have been educated about this goal setting or call it Resolution in a conventional way, mostly copying from whoever the guru out there is doing. The SMART goal, for example.

    From my coaching experience, many are not happy where they are , be it relationship, finance or career has lesser to do with the goals than the what and how. The why to achieve to achieve the goal is basically the motivation, the must have. Like why must you reach this financial goal of yours? What if you don't? what would happen? Is it a must have or nice to have ?

    That is easier to answer but most I met whom are currently retrenched, saddled with debts, relationship setbacks,etc are confused and lost. So they need to set time to think of the "WHAT' part of the goal and that to me is the No. 1 of the entire process.

    When one is clear what they want in life, the rest is EASIER. Gaining clarification on this WHAT can be a simple task for some but for others, it may require some time for soul searching. I read the inspiring story of Zhang Xin , CEO of SOHO - she said. "I always knew what I wanted to do, and I always go for what I wanted to do."

    Perhaps, at your age, you would see a lot of your peers who graduate in IT but wanted to be a chef or a law grad wanting to do digital animation. In fact, I see this as a growing trend since career coaching is not a mainstream idea amongst the students here. We were taught to study hard, choose a good faculty and passed with flying colours and land a good job. That was then - the pre-UBER, Alipay and drones time but things have changed. Indeed, the changes were so deep and impactful that many in their 40s-50s are under-employed (used to earn 10-20k/month now earning 3-5k/mth), still searching for job, lost and depressed.........

    On the other hand, I am happy to see millennial like yourself bracing the storm to strike out on their own, creating mobile apps, start-ups and going the unconventional path. We really need more entrepreneurs in this space regardless of the industry they are disrupting.

    Now go read and re-read the entire paragraph you had written starting from "WOW...... and if you are able to spot at least 3 words/sentences that are not align with your goal settings - I would give you an hour complimentary coaching, haha. If you are serious, go read it ............I will be waiting

    1. Hi Mr Chua,

      Thank you for dropping by and the wonderful piece of advise.
      I believe I've already receive a very good education and motivation from you :p

      I shall write about this soon. A clear goal, a strong motivation, great perseverance.
      True inspiration. Can't agree much more that this is truly the most important factor for scaling any heights.

      The 3 words are: tough, restrict and unrealistic.
      I believe if Mr Chua, you're able to drop by more frequently, definietly, it will not only benefit me, but everyone that is reading it.

      Once again a very big thank you for the lesson. Looking forward to see you around :)

  5. I started with a plan similar to this in form (not numbers) and i found it so much more restrictive than guiding.

    But i appreciate different kaya guyu for different toasts.
    See if it works out for you.

    1. Hi Leopard,

      Thanks for dropping by again!! :)

      Agree to a certain extent that numbers are indeed restrictive, however yet defining the goals clearly. Would you mind sharing abit of your kaya guyu toast to me?

      Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

  6. Wish I started at your age! It is good to have goal in mind so you can work hard towards it. You already have a head start compared to your peers. Jia you!

    Advise: Spend your time in NS wisely to accumulate more financial knowledge. I was playing PSP and mahjong in my free time back then >.<

    1. Hi KPO,

      Thank you for the kind advises and motivation !! :)
      I'd love to secretly play some PSP too... those days with PSP...

      But nonetheless, I believe you're still on task and working diligently towards your goals too with CZM :p

    2. Haha. You can find a gf to accumulate wealth with you too. Double the speed ;)

    3. 有缘无分。。I shall build my lego bricks myself :)

  7. Amazing. I started around your age, 2 yrs ago. I'm 21 now :).
    1 tip I can give is to learn and create your own side hustle, seriously increases income at our age by quite a lot. I started carousell reselling to increase my income so might be a point for you to consider. Started out from $80/mth profit up to now earning a few hundreds per month. small but cumulative will add up to a lot.

    I'm currently at your holiday + ns phase, going ns soon, in less than 1 mth!
    Chiong work + side hustle easily gotten extra few Ks to pump into investment.

    Do establish your risk appetite as well. Like me I'm willing to risk and put my money to higher risks. I ventured into cryptocurrency investing just last month. (high risk, super volatile, up and down 20-50% is COMMON)

    One thing I would want to remind you is that, you should enjoy this journey, don't scrimp until so jialat cannot eat all those, cannot go out with friends, etc. I see your NS budget 6k injection = $500/mth, starting recruit $560/mth. how you survive $60/mth??? Don't neglect yourself!!

    Final note, only play with what your heart can handle, if you can't get a good sleep from overthinking, play it safe. Most important thing is to take good care of yourself!

    1. Hi TooYoungToInvest,

      Nice to know a fellow peers that has started the journey this young!!:) Have looked through your blog posts that you've written a year ago (when you're 20), and I'm very impressed!!

      Hopefully things will turn out well and may we reach our goals together :)

    2. Hello,

      I am a new reader of your blog and think you are on good track for your investment journey. I wish I started as early as you did! Haha.

      An additional sharing to what TooYoungToInvest mentioned regarding NS - do consider expressing interest in Command School for both your personal development and better allowances overall. Cheers~


    3. Hi Marksman,

      Thank you for the information and kind words! :) Welcome to my blog and welcome to the local financial blogosphere!

      I’ve dropped by your blog. Although, you might not have started at 19, but I’m sure your route ahead is surely bright. Age is a just a number :)

      Looking forward to your upcoming post and learning from you!