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Portfolio - December 2017

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Right before anything, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone :)

The month of December is always the month when many are extremely busy, having their holidays and celebrating joyous occasions like X'mas and New Year. In this special month, most people will also take a look back at their year, reflecting on the year and plan for the coming year.

This is my first year doing so, penning them down and have since published them last month. Fortunately for me, in the year of 2017, I manage to hit my targets I've set for myself even after revision of targets. I will attribute this to the crypto-market that I'm vested in that brings me closer and outperforming my targets.

Read: 2017 Overall Portfolio Performance

If I were to purely base on my equities holding (which they are performing badly in the year of 2017), I would still hit my target but with more capital injection. With the crypto-market in my favor, it helps and creates more cash in my war-chest waiting to be deployed when Mr Market is depressed.

In this month, I've "lost" out on BIG gains from the crypto market due to the withdrawing of capital as well as booking of profits. I'd probably have another 200-300% profit. But well. Money not earn does not equate to money lost. So I should be smiling and not be greedy!

Cryptocurrency started with roughly 10% of my portfolio and today, with the ever-surging bull market, it has became my biggest position with the heaviest weight in my portfolio. As written earlier (here), I've withdrawn my capital and locked in 100% gains from this event. The funds for now (1000 USD) is siting in my DBS MCA account while the balance are vested in crypto. This event had changes the status of my crypto holdings to "free-hold". The total crypto-market capitalization in this month had almost tripled with BTC surging to 19k, ETH over 800 and LTC over 300. Not forgetting the others that surge like BCH which now takes up almost USD 60 billion and many others.

I've also written briefly (here) that I will be setting up a separate war-chest to increase on my cash holdings and this funds here will be deployed in a situation whereby Mr Market is depressed.

Back to my equities holding..

The value of my equities holding has fallen mainly due to stocks going XD like Singtel and AA REIT along with the fall of prices in heavyweight champions like CDG, Wilmar and FEO.

CDG had announced on it's strategic alliance with Uber earlier this month, and I've briefly written about them here. The acquisition of 51% stake in LCR comes as a really big surprise to me and personally, I'm having a bit of mixed feeling here. At this point, they are still in the process of finalizing on additional partnership opportunities.  Shortly after the release of this news, CDG shot up to 2.08 from 1.90. But this doesn't last long and they had fallen back to the 1.9x range nearing the end of the month. At this price range, I feel that it is decently priced and some value can be seen here.

Wilmar had once again broken it's support and goes down to the price I've bought them and hovering around the 3.1 range. This provides me with another good opportunity to accumulate them. Just last week, they've announced on the acquisition of Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited, increasing their stake from 16-20% as well as the establishment of new subsidiary for flour mining and sona oil.
Wilmar's operation is indeed very very extensive and at this price, they are once again trading below it's NAV. I personally see big growth in Wilmar in the coming future and at this current price, they're undervalue. I'm looking to accumulate more shares from Wilmar and will be writing more about them shortly.

Wilmar's announcement on acquisition can be found here.

FCOT had also announced earlier this month on the 50:50 acquisition of Farnborough Business Park with FCL, which is situated in United Kingdom. I view this transaction positively onto the fact that it had provided them diversification into another market. Coupling with GBP that is down due to Brexit, the recovery of UK market will be able to bring this acquisition to another level. This event will also create additional recurring income for FCOT, which will bump up the DPU. However, at this very moment of writing this, the news on HP's lease renewal had not be released. Based on my earlier post (here), I would assume that HPS would vacate from ATP. However, I believe that the job to find new tenants will be heavily dependent on it's management and for now, it will be nice to keep a look out. Should the news on HPS vacating be released and if it were to trigger a sell-down, I would probably be looking to accumulate more shares of FCOT.

FCOT's acquisition announcement can be found here.

Singtel on the other hand had recently went XD. With the closing price on 29/12/17 at 3.57. It translates to a price of 3.67 prior XD. At this price, I see some value and some buying opportunity. Similarly, I've written about Singtel (here) last month. A simple TA on Singtel shows that is it slightly bearish. Singtel, today, falls into my buying list and I'd be glad to accumulate more shares from them. I'm pretty positive on Singtel's growth.

Seems like there's a decent buying opportunity for most of my counters I hold here and soon, I will be writing on which share I'd be accumulating in January. 

Dividends received in December: $10.20/-

Current Portfolio Value: S$7,477.44 (+7.75% m.o.m due to capital injection, dividends and portfolio performance)

Capital Injection for December: S$ 0/-
Total dividends received in 2017: $111.23
Average dividends/month: $9.27


  1. Hi Sleepydevil

    Finally you have that crypto out in number 9 position in your portfolio :)

    1. Hi B,

      Happy New Year :)

      Pardon me for my silly mistake..I should have labelled them accordingly to my portfolio allocation.

      Crypto is labeled number 9, but by a twist of fate, it is the heavyweight champion in my portfolio. It's time for me to do some portfolio balancing :(

  2. sleepydevil,

    It wonderful how you are getting your hands and feet dirtied so early on :)

    That's the way for youths!

    Jump first, then ask how deep is the water? You'll learn soon enough!

    Now you just need to go through a gut wrenching -50% bear market and you'll be super well prepared in your early 30s, this time with serious money ;)

    To get serious money, I think you know what to do :)

    Imagine you spot another big opportunity 10-20 years later but you had to ask "permission" from big daddy to access your funds, and they say "not approved" - its for your own good!?


    1. Hi Jared,

      This is how people learn swimming! Throw them into the water, let them know how it felt to be in the water. However this comes with 2 caveats - either they strive to learn how to swim so they would not drown ever again. Or for the 'risk-aversion' type - simply don't ever go near water!

      If one never jumped into the water, they will never know how to swim :)

  3. Woah. Crypto taking the largest allocation and almost a quarter of your portfolio! Such high risk appetite!

  4. Hi KPO,

    Not exactly la.. it started with only 10% of my portfolio. It’s the returns that have got then into the biggest position. For now, only about 5% is in the market. The balance are cash sitting in my account waiting for opportunity.

    There shall be some balancing works soon :)

  5. hee, I am surprised, I thought that Crypto would be at least 50% of your portfolio. I think crypto trading is your strength. (If I remember correct) Since you have already recoup back your capital and are using your winning, there's nothing to lose!

    1. Hi MIM,

      It’s all beginner’s luck :)

      Don’t have la HAHAHA. Not so high. But if I did not ‘withdraw’ my capital. Probably it’s a little more :p