Wednesday 13 June 2018

FY2018 Q2 Dividend Updates

Today, as I'm writing this, we've entered the first half of 2018. Without me even realizing, I will soon be entering the next phase of my life.

Throughout the 2nd Quarter of 2018, I've received dividends from:
- Wilmar
- Starhill Global REIT

I've received $2.84 in March after the advanced distribution for private placement earlier this year. AA REIT is the first counter I've gotten into, after entering this journey and I'll have to admit that I did not get them at a pretty or delicious valuation for it.

It used to be 100% of my portfolio back in Feb 2017, to today at 5.55%. As one of the income generator for my portfolio, I'd say that AA REIT had did their job decently. If opportunities come knocking on the door once again with a better valuation for AA REIT, I'm more than glad to add onto them for it to become one of the bigger income generator for my portfolio.

Despite the falling DPU, I pretty much enjoy the returns I'm receiving from AA REIT.  Based on the latest XD, I'll be receiving $10.52 on 21 June. Taking the dividends into account, I'm looking at a positive 10.82% return based on my entry price today

As mentioned in my Q1 updates, I've divested my positions with FCOT, leaving back with only 8 legacy shares from the DRIP that I've subscribed to earlier. This is nothing to shout about, but I'm still glad to see $0.12 of dividends coming from FCOT even after I've divested them.

This is one counter that I'm actually looking forward to receiving my first dividends from. CDG's paid a dividend of 6.05 cents per share on 14 May, in which I've received $42.35 from. The largest single dividend paid from a single company into my CDP account. Hilarious isn't it? Haha

The 6.05 cents dividend translates to 2.92% based on my average price of CDG. However, with the recent run up, I've divested partially from CDG, leaving behind only 100 shares from them. The divestment will turn my biggest dividend received from a single company to a recurring free gift.

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Wilmar is another counter that I'm pretty looking forward to. This is the first time receiving divdends from Wilmar since entering a position with them in August last year. However, Wilmar in my portfolio is not an income generator like AA REIT, SGR or even SingTel. Hence, I must put it in mind that I must not expect too much from them.

The final dividend declared for FY2017 at 7 cents is much higher than the regular ones they paid, which comes off as a bonus to me. Wilmar continues to be a growth story and presents a pretty attractive valuation for me and I'm looking to accumulate a bigger positions with them.

I've received $35 from Wilmar on 16 May.

Starhill Global REIT
I've added onto my positions with SGR in March this year, bringing my total holdings up to 1,700 shares. However, ever since I've became an investor of SGR, I guess I've pretty much jinxed the counter with an ever-falling DPU.

SGR continues to face headwinds today from the retail sector and chart wise, it seem to be on a downtrend, breaking it's recent support of 68 cents. On a side note, I believe that FY19 will be a better year for SGR after the AEI for it's properties are completed. Should the AEI completes, this will in turn, bring the DPU back up with more rental income received from it's properties.

I've received $18.53 from SGR on 30 May.

In the next quarter, I'll be likely to receive dividends from:
FEO, SingTel, Wilmar, CDG, AA REIT, SGR, FCOT

Wow.. It seems like all the counters I'm holding is paying dividends to me in the next quarter. With the increased exposure in SingTel, I look forward to more meaningful dividend from them in the coming quarter.

Taking a look back, it seems that I might not be actually hitting the amount of projected dividends I'm receiving for myself based on my portfolio as a good portion of them are actually in cash. Regular readers would probably also found out that I'm silently building a bigger cash positions in the recent months.

However, should all else remains equal, my portfolio should not be changing that much in the near term, while I build up a more sizable positions with the companies I hold. 
Total dividends received in Q2 = $96.01
Total dividends received in 2018 = $135.92
Average dividends/months = $11.32

Fillet-O-Fish check: 27 !!
FOF/month : 2 !!

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  1. LOL at "Fillet-O-Fish check: 7 !!"

    nice way of measurement =)

    1. Hi MIM,

      Thanks haha! Please pardon me. I realized that the post is not updated and there is some error publishing the post. I've looked back and realize there's actually 27 that I'm receiving for this year and I coulnd't help from smiling behind the laptop HAHA!

  2. Shiok la. Looks like you can have 1 Fillet-O-Fish each month very soon!

    1. Hi KPO,

      Sorry sorry. I realize that the post published earlier is not up to date and I've made a certain revision to it. There's an error with publishing the original post which I've rectified it.

      Currently I'm having 2 Fillet-O-Fish monthly. But this is way off my target I've actually set for myself this year. HAHA!

  3. Nice progress on your dividends Sleepydevil. :)
    What's your target FOF for this year?

    1. Hi Twenty-two°C,

      Thank you for the kind compliments. I'll be contented to be able to fill myself for a day with FOF. Then this is when I will work hard to fill myself for the 2nd day.. 3rd day and so on hehe