Monday, 12 July 2021

After a hiatus… How are you?

It has been sometime since I’ve last jotted anything down on this space. In fact, looking back at some post that are still in draft, reminds me of how I use to frequently visit this space. 

It is truly a mesmerizing experience to be here once again, reading through the post which got myself back on foot once again. 

Looking back to the last post, it has been a good 2.5 years. 

Time flies, doesn’t it? And the scariest part of this all, is the world has literally shapeshifted into a new world with the pandemic and 4 millions life are lost in this dearly battle. 

Once, a 19 year old engineering student that is pondering on his future, laying plans and step. 

To a entering the workforce briefly… to a Full-Time NSF… and now to a university student. Interesting isn’t it? 

This journey this far has been rewarding and there has been many thoughts, learnings that I’ve yet to pen down. In this 2.5 years hiatus, there was actually several times, logging into this little space and contemplating if I should resume writing..

After much, contemplation. I’m back. 

For long, or not. I’m not too sure. 

Gone were those days that SSB are rewarding us with 2% interest ha. We’re now in a low interest environment with different trading platforms coming in to the domestic market dorminatly giving out free shares. Oh yes, did I forget. It has been sometime since I last walk outside with my face naked!

In the days to come, I shall probably talk a little to myself in this tiny space about the 2018, 2019, 2020 and the 1H of 2021 that just went by. 

Meanwhile, hoping that everyone is safe and sound, healthy and well! 

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  1. Hi Sleepdevil,

    you are back after so long. Looking forward to your next post about your investments.

    1. Hi MIM,

      Coming shortly ;)
      It has truly been awhile :(

  2. Replies
    1. Hi UN,

      Thank you, my fren!
      I was attempting to enter your space to say Hi, and realised that I wasn't invited to read your blog. How's everything going on your side?