Thursday, 21 December 2017

A letter to my 30 year old self - 10 years ago

This post is inspired by SGYI's post - A Letter To My 20 Year Old Self 10 Years Later

In SGYI's post, he was writing about the roads he have walked through in this few years, from a diploma student, to being conscripted into National Service, to entering the workforce with his first job, saving up for university and finally to who he is today.

I thought it would be very meaningful for me to revert to this letter when I'm 30 year old, 10 years down the road and look back onto the roads I've walked through and the thoughts I bear today.

On a contrary, this post today will be the reversal of his letter. Instead of a letter to my 10 year old self, which is really strange, I thought it would better to write a letter to my 30 year old self.

Dear 30-year-old self, 

At this point of writing, I hope that you remember vividly that it's -7 degrees now with the beautiful snow flakes falling off your roof. The moment you read this letter, it will mean that you've successfully entered the next phase of your life. I understand as life progresses, priority changes and things will start to change. I honestly have no idea if you'll remember this letter that I'm writing here today or if you'd ever chance upon it. But I sincerely hope that you'll not forget who you are and persevere.  

Here's a quick question - Do you remember who you are 10 year ago? 

10 years ago, you're 20. This is the age that you've successfully graduated from your diploma program and is currently waiting to be enlisted into the National Service, which will be the next chapter of your life. 

Just before I go onto Chapter 4, do you remember Chapter 3, 2 and 1?

Chapter 1
In the first chapter of your life book, you're just like any little kids out there. Not knowing what is going on around the world. All that is in your mind, is to enjoy yourself and make yourself happy. With a happy family, everything is beautiful. You can vividly remember standing outside the door each evening waiting for your daddy and mommy to return home so that you'd be able to play with them. As you're slightly older, you started to attend school. 

You've absolutely nothing in this chapter. No house, no wife, no kids, no success. Nothing. But you know what happiness is! 

School used to be really fun in your nursery and pre-school ages. But as you step foot into your first "official school" - primary school. Things started to change. The meaning behind "fun" changes too. From waiting for daddy and mommy to return home, you started to seek for permission from them to go over to your friend's house and have fun, in return, they'll request for good academic results from you.

Congratulations. You managed to do it well each time! Do you remember being the top in your cohort and the smile on daddy and mommy's faces? Your wish is easily granted. However, soon later, you become complacent. When that happens, you start to hate studying and start to rebel and many times going against traditional beliefs. Congratulations again to you for managing to secure a decent set of PSLE results despite that! This brings you to chapter 2 of your life. 

Chapter 2
In chapter 2, you became MORE complacent. This time round, you totally DID not give a bloody damn about studying, but you're still getting a decent result. On top of that, you start to realize what money is. At that point of time, you're doing an online business and your business is really good. With more money in your pocket at this age, you're a little lost on what you should be doing and you started to spend your money unnecessarily.

Now, this leads to your one of your biggest downfall you've experienced then. As things started to get worse in this chapter, you've lost many many things. From your academic, to your friends, and even to your dearest kins! As a result of your complacency and extremely rebellious self, you've caused yourself a very near-miss to saying good-bye to your O-levels certificate as well. Very fortunately, just months before your O-levels, you woke up one day and realize that you REALLY needs to do something to your life and not waste it.

Congratulations to you once again. With months of study to recover 4 years of education, you manage to do it and successfully graduated with a O-level certificate. Now this brings you to your next institution and the next chapter of your life.  

Chapter 3
This chapter now, chapter 3 is a very meaningful chapter in your life and you started to change very much. Piecing up bits and fragments of your fall in the previous chapter, you started to organize them and think about your future and who you truly are. Nonetheless, you had fallen down many times too. Your online business "folded" and you've "bankrupted" yourself in this chapter. This is also the chapter for your transition period. Despite that, you kept things going. 

You've realized that academic is important as well as the power of knowledge. You wanted to learn more. You started to attend classes like a normal student. You started to read news. You started to venture more into topics that are beyond your field of knowledge. You started to know who you are. You started to understand how things work and how create value for yourself. At the same time, you realize that earning more is not the only answer to the being "rich". Now, this is when you started venturing into more financially knowledge. Exploring on savings, earning more, investing. To learn more, you've started reading books, looking for resources online and even starting with practical lesson. This goes to another extend when you start to write them down! Writing is something you always hate! But! The journey of penning these lessons down has created another lesson for yourself too! During this time, you've gained more knowledge about things from pointers and comments in your blog and other's blog! Now, you know you want to be financially free in the future. Not because other people want it. It's because you want it yourself. 

You want it so that you'd be able to spend more time with your family in the future rather than spend more time in the office. 

You want it so that you'd be able to spend more time with your kids in the future and teaches them the right thing and guide them along the way. You want the best for them.

You want it so that you'd be able to do things you truly love. Even if it's not for money! 

You want it because you know time is limited and the lesser time you spend earning money, the more time you'll have!

Fortunately again, you're still really young. It might sounds like you've been through many things despite your age. But wait. This is just the beginning

Chapter 4
Now, as chapter 3 is coming to an end, you're about to go into chapter 4. In this chapter, you'll be conscripted into the National Service, and I believe this will be another important lesson for you in your life. It may sounds extremely terrible to be locked out of 2 years of your time. But always remember, this is how you take to compensate for the 2 years that is taken away. Either give your best, learn and make your time memorable. Forge valuable memories. Or dwell your way through it. You know it yourself. At this point of time, do not forget who you truly are and the lessons from chapter 2 and 3. This will also be the time you will think more on your next steps and to what you will be finally doing in your coming chapters.

Remember the goals you've set for yourself!

Just as you leave the NS, you will be entering the next chapter. Chapter 5. This will be the chapter where you will move on to further education in a university and maybe further on. This will be your final chapter as a full-time student, do not forget to enjoy each and every moment of it. Perhaps, you might be a part-time student due to finances. But don't give up. Remember the lessons from Chapter 2 and 3? Now you've a bonus! The extra classes from Chapter 4! Don't forget your family! They're waiting to see you when you book-out each time! I'm sure as a mommy/daddy, nothing beats seeing your own kids and spending time with them!

Chapter 5:
This will be another big transition chapter. You'll be going to your first full-time job! Now here, you'll finally draw your first pay check and it should be able to better fund your goals! In this chapter, you will learn many things as well. You will learn about what truly working is and how it felt to be squeezing in the MRT in early morning peak hour. How it felt to be screwed by your superiors. How to deal with annoying people.

If you're lucky, you may skip all this and go ahead with being your own boss! If you're even lucky, you may jump forward to chapter 6! I don't know which day will chapter 6 comes, and it may probably never come. Should it come before the age, you may wish to take a look below. 

Today now, you're getting older. Don't ever forget. Time do not stop for anyone. As you progresses with age, so do everyone around you. Remember to spend more time with those people and not only care about earning money! I'm sure you'll have more ups and downs as compared to what you're experiencing in your younger years. Don't ever forget your belief and who you are. 

Chapter 6:
This is the time whereby you've found your dearly. Your partner for life. And in this chapter you will learn about how people get together and live together. How to accommodate with each other and how to start your own family. Now you're promoted! You're gonna be a daddy! At this point of time, I honestly do not know which chapter this unicorn will appear out of and how the magic happen. But now. You must remember. You're no longer who you are in chapter 2. You've been through chapter 3,4 and 5. You've your goals. You are who you are. And soon later, you will have to impart the right things and give the best things for your kids! 

Hey! Don't forget your parents! Now, you're really getting older! Your dearest kins is never as young as they are when you write this letter! 

As your kiddos grow up, I'm sure you'll have many life lessons along the way. 
You'll also feel how your daddy and mommy felt when you're going through chapter 1 and 2!

The letter is now coming to an end, and hereby now, I wish you all the best in your coming years ahead and the coming chapters of your life. There may be nobody that will ever remember you. 
But, you, yourself. Please remember who you truly are. 

Yours Sincerely,


  1. Hi Sleepydevil,

    I think for me, my 20 year old self would remind my 30 year old self, not to forget to have fun and take risks. After all, life is too short for regrets and 'what-ifs'. Hope you will be the same too :)

    1. Hi Jes,

      Honoured to have you dropping by and welcome to my tiny little space :) Indeed, life is too short for regrets and what ifs. Just like how YOLO is interpreted, you only live once. And one will only be in this age, this day for once.

      One will be rewarded for taking risk while the risk adverse type will be the one losing out. Fun.. the most important word here and I’m thinking of Jeju :)

  2. Hi Sleepydevil

    I think by 30 year old, you would wish to be back to the happy 10 year old.

    1. Hi Small Time Investor,

      Thank you for dropping by!! :) To be quite honest here, even at this point. i’d like to go back to the days when I don’t know anything and stay naive in my happy 10 yesr old self :(

  3. Sillyinvestor,

    Very interesting! One 30 year old writing to his 20 year old self; and you 20 year old writing to the future 30 year old you ;)

    I'll join in the fun with my 6 year old post:

    A letter to myself

    Very grey. Never say future or past me ;)

    1. Hi Jared,

      不是吧。。you call me salah name. Or you calling sillyinvestor to come and take a look at my post?!

      Your 6 year post is very interesting and motivational. Instead of writing to myself in 10 years time or 10 years ago, your letter would have cover the entire lifespan well enough! So I should consider that a hybird letter? Hahaha

      How about a more specified post now ? :p
      Please don’t hit me!

    2. A 2nd Fredian slip this month!

      It seems my brain and fingers not in sync...

      Lucky you're a guy.

      Do this to a girl - game over!


      Merry Christmas and enjoy your KFC!

    3. Hahahaha! Merry Christmas!

      KFC is ending soon and now, I’m the smiling, proud wanderer.
      Time’s up for me here :)

  4. Hi sleepydevil,

    Haha glad my post inspired you. You got 10 years more than me and can do much more I'm sure! I would also say money is not everything in life. Its important to enjoy too. Cheers!

    1. Hi SGYI,

      Yea. Money is not everything and I believe it is relatively important to enjoy ourself when we’re young and still able to!!

  5. You have such a interesting life! Looks like you have everything sorted out, I'm sure going forward everything will turn out well! Enjoy your japan trip for now and treasure the youth that all of us not longer have. lol.

    1. Hi KPO,

      Belated Merry Xmas to you! I guess all this is just the beginning and there’s tons of bumpy courses ahead waiting for me. It’s snowing heavily now here and weather is chilly cold. Hahaha.

      Oh well. I believe you and CZM is still as youthful as you guys are. The so called ‘age’ is just a number and yours isn’t too far away from mine! So fear not!! :p