Sunday 10 December 2017

A month as a cryptocurrency trader - Results

The crypto world today is getting more and more chaotic with big amounts of fresh funds coming in driving the price of Bitcoin up to 17k last Friday. Just a month ago, it's hovering around 7k mark before dipping to the 5k region. So to those who purchase a month ago in the dip, selling it last Friday will gives you a handsome return of 340%!! Impressive isn't it?

The rapid rise of price in Bitcoin has caused market capitalization of BTC has ballooned up from 120 billion to crossing 280 billion! Hold on right there!! Before making any rash decision, remember - whenever you buy something. It will means that someone is selling it :)

By saying this, I do not mean that the crazy bubble is about to burst or anything. But I'd like to take this opportunity to caution everyone that this is a high risk investment and please do your due-diligence before entering any positions.


Unfortunately, I did not hold onto it. How nice would it be if I'm holding onto it right?
Let's not be greedy :)

I've been rather busy lately and my frequency of trading around is getting lesser and lesser. Allow me to remind myself for another time here - "The initiation of Crypto-investing/trading comes with 2 intention - to build a bigger war-chest and at the same time learning from the crazy and volatile alternative market. (Though, there's no guarantee that it will be assisting me with building a bigger war-chest.)"

I've embarked on this adventurous journey a month ago on 12/11/17. And weeks ago, I've posted on the results of being a cryptocurrency trader for a week. Today, in this post, I will be writing about my results for this month (ending 12/12/17).

One important lesson that I've learnt is to never chase the boat. Once it left the port, wave good bye to it! Another one is to never be emotional to your trades. There will always be a better time to buy or sell. Do not chase for the perfect timing.

However, as I'm taking a small little break from the crazy trading or speculations what many is calling it, I've decided to write about the results this far, today.

This time round, I will not go into the detail of the lengthy crypto-crypto transactions. So let's jump straight into the summary.

Here's the summary for this month: 

*the ending funds are in consideration of the withdrawal fees. Pre-withdrawal ending funds stands at USD1,234.41

DBS forex rates
*Buying TT rate of 1.3439 is used in the calculation above

For verification on the cost of withdrawal as well as taking back my cost along with booking 100% profit, I've initiated a partial withdrawal from Gemini and received the funds in my DBS MCA the next day. Also to confirm, Gemini does "charges" a USD7 for the withdrawal (despite the official site claiming that withdrawal is free) and at the same time DBS charges approximately S$10 for the handling fees. Hence, the "withdrawal fees" worked out to roughly S$20. Pretty expensive here.

I'd advise those that are using Gemini to not withdraw as and when you like and to keep the USD there to save on the cost.

With my initial injection of USD500 at the rate of 1.3694, my starting funds stays at S$684.70
Through the tradings, the funds at the ending of the month comes at USD1,219.97

This comes up to a profit of 143.99% / USD719.97 (in USD) or 139.45% / S$954.82 (in SGD).
The difference is due to Forex spread between the buying/selling if I convert the funds back to SGD.

Now, the game changes as I'm playing on my free chips. Let's see how the game goes now. However, I believe that the pace will probably slow down as I'll having more schedules in the coming weeks as well as the reduced capital.

At this very point of writing, I hold no positions in any coins and funds are all in USD. For now, I'm more than contented, should I miss out on more "potential profits". Till today, I'm still very amazed by the crypto world and again, it must be beginners luck :) The crazily volatile market has also taught me a lesson. Nonetheless, this performance is nothing compared to many out there who is holding onto them.

With this event, my warchest is successfully "bumped" up.

A week as a cryptocurrency trader - Results 

Note: Investing in cryptocurrency is very risky. Please do your due-diligence before any actions. Having that said, I'm prepared to lose every cents that I've input into the crypto world should anything fall through. I do not recommend investing in cryptocurrency.


  1. Good and useful to have these blogs on Crypo.. have been reading your article. Thanks for the insights.

    However is there anyone who has really converted bitcoin to real cash ? ie the other way.. buying bitcoin have heard many times but not known anyone who has converted back bitcoin to cash.

    Any details on this would be of real help

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Praveen,

      Thank you for dropping by my blog as well as the kind compliments :)

      Yes there is, and I'm one of them.. Haha! Converting your BTC into real cash will involve 2 steps - Selling your Bitcoin on a fiat-to-crypto exchange (USD-BTC), and withdrawing the USD to your bank account.

      It's basically a reversal of buying in. Buying into Bitcoin similarly, involves 2 steps - Deposit fiat ($) into your fiat-crypto exchange, and buying into Bitcoin.

      Hope that clarifies your doubt :)

  2. SD,

    nicely done!
    now your crypto is freehold.

    so the website is kinda misleading. disappointed to know that the transactional cost is quite prohibitive...
    20bucks to transfer back. dang.

    1. Hi Foolish Chameleon,

      Thank you for your kind compliments haha!

      Yes. Very misleading. I've sent an email to them to clarify on the above issue and they're insisting that Gemini doesn't charge them. It might be my bank that are charging me!

      The fees does eats into a lil fraction of my profit. But well. Thinking of it from a different perspective.. It's on the gain anyway :)

      Now, there will be a slight change in the game play and my returns will be less significant due to the withdrawal. But why say no to freehold and booking 100% profit? haha!!

  3. Thanks much for your reply.. was checking on coinbase to understand the fee structure.

    Could see around 4% fee , again any separate fee involved here ?

    1. Hi Praveen,

      Unfortunately, I'm not a user of Coinbase due to the relatively higher fees. Hence, I'm not too sure on this.

      But based on my readings from Coinbase previously (

      They're charging a 3.99% fee for Debit/Credit card purchase and another 1.49% fee for each Buy/Sell transaction initiated on their platform. Which is relatively high.

      The exchange I'm using (Gemini), charges 0.25% for each buy/sell transactions which is only about $1.25 for $500 worth of transaction. Deposits are free. Withdrawal there will be a 7 USD + S$10 fees imposed by both DBS and Gemini. Thus, working out to roughly S$20.

  4. Woah! Congrats on the > 100% gain!

    1. Hi KPO,

      Thanks haha! My results is nothing compared to many out there who're in the hodling camp :(

  5. hi! chanced upon your blog! I also entered around the same period as you on 11 Nov! Impressive gains. Interesting to see that trading does earn quite a fair bit~ Are you automating it or manually doing it? Currently also exploring the option of that, tho I must say I am more of a HODLER :)

    1. Hi Jiahui,

      Thank you for dropping by my blog ;)

      It's really interesting to know that we're in the same batch of brave knights that dipped our toes into the sea of danger. For the trading, I'm manually executing it. Or rather, when I have the price in mind, I will be queueing in the selling area.

      My results are nothing impressive when compared to team hodlers. While now, after a small change in gameplay, and a small break, I soon be joining team hodler :)