Friday, 27 October 2017

Cryptocurrency? I'm in too

Cryptocurrency has been hottest thing over the past few years and most famously argued by gurus about crypto being the next big thing and when the "bubble" is going to pop. With Bitcoin surging pass the 6000 mark and Etherum surging pass the 300 mark. Those that bought into Bitcoin in the starting of the year will really be laughing to the bank now (provided that they're selling them now!)

Bitcoin as of 01/01/17 at price of $997.69! Today at $5,835.22!! This is a 584% increase YTD!
Look at it!
So what is cryptocurrency?? Let's take a look at the definition from Investopedia.
Adapted from Investopedia

Investing in cryptocurrency? Wait.. Is cryptocurrency an investment?

Let's take a look at what exactly an investment is!
Investment is an asset or item purchased with the believe/hope that it will appreciate or generate income in the future.

Ha.. So is cryptocurrency is an investment? 
Hmm.. maybe. But wait. Cryptocurrency has no value tied to it.. No dividends and I couldn't perform any FA on Crypto! Shit. So what exactly is a good investment? Will cryptocurrency be one of them?

What is a good investment? - B
What is a good investment? - Uncle CW8888
I've been reading very much on Cryptocurrency lately and have decided that with a "bigger risk appetite", I'll dip my toes into the sea of crypto. I've placed a small bet of 500 USD into the world of cryptocurrency. Having that said, I'm prepared to lose every single cents. Hopefully, in time soon, I'll be able to write more on Crypto.

The initiation of Crypto-investing/trading comes with 2 intention - to build a bigger war-chest and at the same time learning from the crazy and volatile alternative market. (Though, there's no guarantee that it will be assisting me with building a bigger war-chest.)

Youth, my strength, is that I don't know what cannot be done.
Call it diversification maybe..? Is anyone else in?

Note: Investing in cryptocurrency is very risky. Please do your due-diligence before any actions. Having that said, I'm prepared to lose every cents that I've input into the crypto world should anything fall through.


  1. Cam you let me know how and which exchange , site you did buy crypto ?

    Newbee here .. so trying to check some option, thanks again :)

    1. Hi Praveen,

      Personally, I'm using a US exchange - Gemini.
      The rates there are pretty cheap at 0.25%.

      I've written briefly about it on another blog post onto how it could be done and you may wish to take a quick look at it:

      Cheers :)