Monday 4 September 2017

FY2017 Q3 Dividend Updates

This is my first time doing an update about dividends that I'm receiving.

Dividends is a sum of money paid by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves).
Throughout the year of 2017, I've received dividends from several companies such as AA REIT, Singtel, FCOT and Starhill Global REIT. AA REIT will be paying their dividends on the 21/09/17.
It's good to note that dividends do play a significant role in the returns from a company (especially REIT). Love how REIT gives out quarterly dividends.

Throughout the 3rd Quarter of 2017, I've received dividends from:
- Singtel
- Starhill Global REIT

Singtel has paid a dividend of $0.107/share, translating to 2.83% of my entry price at 3.77, which I've received $14.98 on 17/08/17. This is the usual final ordinary dividend that Singtel have been giving out for the past 3 years.

Frasers Commercial Trust
FCOT has declared and paid a distribution of $0.024/share which translates to 1.85% of my entry price at 1.295. I've also subscribed to their script dividends whereby I'm allocated 4 share of FCOT and the balance of $1.72 being credited back to my bank account. There should be an impact on HP's departure from Alexandra Technopark which has yet to be confirmed by them however, I'll be happy to accumulate more shares of FCOT during price weakness.

Starhill Global REIT
Starhill has paid a $0.0118/share dividend on 29/08/17, and from my holdings, I've received $5.90. This is about 1.58% from my entry price @ 0.745. Currently, Starhill is trading around my entry price, which comes into my watch-list again. Should the price go lower, I'll be accumulating more shares of Starhill. Currently, SGR is trading at 20% of their NAV.


AA REIT has declared a $0.025/unit distribution, of which I will be receiving $10.00 from them on 21/09/17. AA REIT has been a REIT that is paying significant dividends and from my entry price at 1.37 earlier this year, this distribution will be giving me a 1.82%. A slight decrease in distribution that they're usually giving out. However, I remain positive about AA REIT.

Wilmar & CDG has paid their dividends on August, however as I've only initiated a position with them on XD, I will not be receiving any dividends from them. I'll be looking forward to their dividends next year.

In the next quarter, I'll be likely to receive dividends from:
Guocoland, AA REIT, SGR, FCOT.

Total dividends received in Q3 = $38.08
Total dividends received in 2017 = $63.70
Average dividends/months = $5.30

The dividends I'm receiving per month currently is only sufficient to buy myself a meal every month. I will be working towards to build a strong portfolio that is capable of buying myself 2 meals, 3 meals and so on. I'll also soon be writing about my short term targets that I plan to achieve. 

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