Saturday 11 August 2018

Looking Back into One Year Of Blogging

In a blink of an eye, the 53rd birthday of Singapore has came to an end, and so does our public holiday rest. It is already the weekend after our rest.

And in time soon, really soon, I will be conscripted to the National Service and it will be my time to serve the nation.

While I can still vividly remember about a year ago, I started writing on this little space here. 

Time truly flies. 

Do beware as this is probably gonna be a relatively heavy post for the week.

Taking a look back, I can still remember my initial aim of contributing $15/day for the year of 2017 to the newly created investment portfolio of mine, after being humbled of my past.

My First Post 
Portfolio - July 2017 

Not long after, I became lucky and received a notice on the opportunity for an overseas attachment program and will be heading to Japan for the winter. This opportunity has brought me to penning down several different fun and widen my perspective greatly.

Thinking back, I recall that I do have another post for Sapporo Winter 2017 which still lies in my draft and I'm really guilty that I did not manage to complete it. I guess this is something I will be moving forward to next to share my journey in Sapporo the past winter.

An opportunity to Japan
Hakodate, Hokkaido (Autumn 2017)
Self Drive - Niseko (Autumn 2017)
Self Drive - Lake Toya, Onuma Park (Autumn 2017)
Tokyo, Japan (Autumn 2017) 

Shortly after, I've started to read more about the different type of vehicles that can be used in Singapore such as CPF. 

Read: Peep into the 19 year old student's CPF Account - Transfer from OA to SA

In the process, I've also read more about the past financial disasters to understand from more from history. While they are definitely insufficient till I experienced it personally, I don't think I'm considered as an investor still. 

I've read up too on the 2008 Subprime Mortgage Crisis too. However, the post unfortantely is still stucked into drafts as I've yet to complete writing about the crisis, which I guess I will have to do it soon.

A lookback into 1987 Black Monday
A lookback into 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
A look back into 1986-1991 Japanese Asset Price Bubble
A look back into 2000-2002 Dot Com Bubble 

In between, I managed to understand majority of the investor's fear and evolved into reading and writing a little about the various fallacies of an investor. 

The trap in stock market
Transaction Cost - Are you trader or an investor

Fortunately or unfortunately, this sparked off another topic as I went into learning how to perform a Technical Analysis, and I'm sure that is not in my field of competence. This event had moved me into being a small trader deep down, venturing into the cryptocurrency market, which I got lucky and managed to profit a little from.

A month as a cryptocurrency trader - Results 
Cryptocurrency for Dummy Series (link to other part at the bottom of each post) 

I've also went on to build up more positions with different companies, albeit some of them are not a good call. This had actually allow me to learn more from Mr Market and through the different books and blogs written by wise seniors, I managed to learn a little more on Mr Market. 

My portfolio size remains relatively small today still but hopefully with my fingers crossed, I hope that I'll be able to learn more along the way and get myself equipped with more sufficient knowledge. 

Accumulating CDG
Portfolio Update - Far East Orchard
Increasing stake in SingTel by 250%
SGR's Analysis

As I'm learning more from Mr Market, I started to learn more to operate my personal finance to which successful companies are doing, hoping that my money will do more work for me. As I'm not a smart person to begin with, I decided to keep in simple and look into various government incentives to help us out like the SSB and deeper into CPF. 

Singapore Saving Bonds (August) - 1.78%
My 19 Year Old CPF Account - For Millenials and Young Adults
Polytechnic Student with $3.63 as net worth - 1 Year Later
Planning Ourselves and Our Finances 
Controllable VS Uncontrollable Factors 

I've been really lucky for the past year. 

Moving forward, I hope that with fingers crossed, I will be able to learn more from everything that is coming. 

With this, I would like to thank all the regular readers for the support as well as the wise advises from seniors and everyone that has left comment on this small space of mine.

Have a great weekend ahead!

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  1. Happy One Year! Everyone got to start small and your portfolio isn't small for someone your age. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi KPO,

      Thank you for the kind words :)

      I’m flattered by your words! But I’m just lucky due to my age. I’ve to admit you’re a senior that I’m learning from as well! Without all the different inputs from various seniors, I guess this post would not be present here today. Looking forward to learning more from your upcoming posts :)

  2. Hi SD,

    Nice detailed post, I personally feel the next recession is very near.

    Did anyone asked you, how you got interested in investing and Financial freedom at your age?
    Was it from friends, family or self interest?

    At your age, we were mostly thinking of fun lol

    1. Hi Frowns88,

      Yes. I've received this questions a number of times. I do not have any friends/family members that share the same sentiment. I'd say that through a series of different encounters, I realize that this is something that I will need to pick up and learn from.

      By a strange twist of fate, I actually got hooked up the very moment I entered this topic and realizes the importance of it :)

  3. Hi Sleepydevil,

    All the best for NS! Stay strong!

    If your superiors offer you some "flexibility", be sure to take up the offer. Upgrade yourself and don't let yourself stagnate. I know of a few industrious ones who used that time to boost their CV as well.

    Hmm. Maybe I should elaborate in an actual blog post on this topic.

    1. Hi UN,

      Thank you for the well wishes. I do hope that I’ll be able to have some fun and gain some insights through NS.

      Please do so!! I’d be looking forward to that post so much!!